Amy Jiang, Nanning, China

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May 31, 2021

Today I’m going to talk about the magic rule of Dwight's philosophy: to be 100% responsible in your relationships with others. It means taking 100% responsibility for the people you interact with.


The core of this rule is not to blame others, and a classic metaphor is that we don’t blame the computer. Or, if we do, at least we recognize the stupidity of our behavior. Instead, we either accept our computer as it is or we keep looking for how we can change our behavior to get more desirable responses from our computer (or to even get a new one, if necessary).


Using this principle has brought me great results in my life and work. I am an English teacher and a mother of two children. Whether students or my own children are easy to get angry in study, especially when I think they do not do what should be done, such as not finishing the homework on time, or the quality of the homework is not high, or not listening to class carefully, I will be angry. To get angry is to criticize or criticize the children. Even beating them also.


But this kind of behavior, did not let the child change, more did not let them improve, but let my mood is very unhappy and depressed.


I thought of Mr. Dwight's 100% responsibility rule, which allows me to adjust myself every time I get angry. I can only adjust my attitude and approach, so that I don't get angry anymore. A life without anger or blame is really perfect. Thanks again to Mr. Dwight for making a huge difference in my life!

今天,我来谈谈Dwight哲学中神奇法则:to be 100% responsible in your relationships with others. 也就是在与人相处时,自己承担100%的责任。这条法则的核心内容是,不指责别人,其中有一个经典的比喻是,如果我们的计算机没有按照我们希望的那样作出反应,我们不会责怪计算机。或者,即使我们这样做了,至少我们认识到自己的行为是愚蠢的。相反,我们要么接受我们的电脑本来的样子,要么继续寻找如何改变我们的行为,从我们的电脑那里得到更令人满意的回应(或者,如果必要的话,甚至得到一个新的)。利用这条法则,给我的生活和工作带来了巨大的收获。我是一名英语老师,也是两个孩子的妈妈。不管是对学生还是自己的孩子在学习容易生气,特别是我觉得他们没有做到应该做好的,比如没有按时完成作业,或是没有完成作业的质量不高时,或是听讲不认真,我都会生气。生气放方式就是指责或是批评孩子们。甚至时动手打自己的还。但是这样的行为,并没有让孩子改变,更没有让他们有所提高,反倒是让自己的心情非常郁闷,沮丧。此刻,我想到Dwight先生的100%责任法则,让我每次生气的时候,能及时调整自己,把孩子们看作时计算机啦,我只能调整自己的态度和方法,这样一来,我就不生气啦。不生气,不指责的生活真的时完美极了。再次感谢Dwight先生,给我的生活带来了巨大的改变!