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(March 1, 2023  1:15)

"Extraordinary Attorney Woo" (dubbed in English on Netflix)

Why am I so taken by this South Korean TV series?

  1. Is it because of the awkward charm in Attorney Woo's efforts to negotiate the world of human relationships?

  2. Is it the heart-aching "I wish they'd just say they love each other" dance of romance between Attorney Woo and her maybe boyfriend?

  3. Is it surprising courtroom cases and dramas with Attorney-Woo-to-the-rescue?

  4. Is it the behind the scenes drama and maneuvering of Attorney Woo's famous in-the-closet mother and others?

  5. Is it the other dramas and that shift and turn between the other major characters?

  6. Is it the fascinating depiction of the Korean culture (to the extent that it's not exaggerated)?

  7. Is it because it makes me laugh and even cry a bit?

It's all of the above. But the first would be enough to keep me coming back for more.

It seems that Season 2 may be in the works.

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