Leverage: the difference that makes the difference

The leverage point

Consider Archimedes' lever. If you wanted to lift the earth (or anything else), you could exert some possible effect by pushing down on the lever at any point on the long side of the fulcrum. It a simple enough system that it's obvious that, for the least amount of effort for the most results, we should push down on the point farthest from the fulcrum. The difference that makes the difference is knowing that this is the best point to exert that effort.

In the case of a car, it's already been designed so that only minimum force can be exerted on the accelerator (but not on any other point of the car) in order to get it to move. If you were a hunter-gatherer suddenly presented with the problem of getting a car to move (without any prior instructions or knowledge of cars), you might not ever discover what we call the accelerator was the difference that made the difference (if we wanted to get the car to move).

Leverage points of life

A happy and successful life requires learning/discovering the best leverage points. A baby/child either knows/or learns quickly that crying is likely to be a leverage point in getting what he or she wants. Later that same child may learn that crying doesn't work as well as before and other approaches may be needed to get what they want.

System-wide leverage points

"A rising tide lifts all boats."


Consider the question, "What actions could require the least amount of time/effort to make the biggest difference in the overall quality of our lives?" We're looking for the best leverage point(s) to give us the most bang-for-the-buck to create and maintain the life we want. Regular meditation might be one of those leverage points for some people.

What's the leverage point of all leverage points 

...the difference that makes the difference that makes the difference?

The design intention for AskDwightHow is to be the leverage point for all leverage points for others (and myself). 

But even if you or others know about AskDwightHow as that possible leverage point, you have to experiment with using it to find out for yourself (in a way that encourages continued use) whether it does or could have that much power for you. The idea of 14:24 as the key to your life is my current experiment as a way to both determine how much of a fundamental leverage point it can be for you and others.

Leverage = AskDwightHow