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Shape your home to shape your life

"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us." 

-Winston Churchill

I stay at home, and I am shaped by it, at least 160 hours every week, except on holidays

This was true even before the current pandemic. I just love my home, how I've set it up, and how I mostly arrange for everyone and everything to "come to me."

I owned a house once back in the 1980s. After that, I decided that I much preferred to rent/lease. I've lived in my current 250-square-meter, 2700-square-foot apartment in Kunming, China for over eleven years now, with a lease for at least another three years. 

Eclectic home decorations

Even though I rent, I bring more creativity and intent to "decorating" my home, as well as keeping it organized and neat, so as to inspire me than most others do with their homes. Of course, my taste in decoration is very eclectic. Some guests have said my home is like a museum. Others have said it's like a children's fairy land.

The photo above shows one of the two "outdoor" swings that I have in my salon room.

Each of the following photos shows a line of a simple poem that I wrote that's pasted on the steps of my stairs that takes me from the salon room up to my office. So I get inspired every time I climb my stairs.


Barty Lin shares her video interview of me while touring my home

Episode 1 of 2: 16:00

Barty Lin shares her video interview of me while touring my home

Episode 2 of 2: 15:55

How about your home?

Have you decorated it, organized it, and kept it neat in a way that inspires you daily? Or does it overwhelm you to think about doing that? 

It's all part of creating Now-Next integrity. It's about designing and implementing your day-by-day and week-by-week life so that it flows and easily pulls you forward with ease, pleasure, and excitement. How you shape your home is part of that. It's all much easier than you think. Just take it step by step. Life is always like that. All you need to do is get your directions right (see Are you going in the wrong direction?)

Remember, it's nice if your decorations and home are pleasing to others. But the foremost "customer" that you love and need to serve is yourself.

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