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Please be my teacher

I need your help. Really!

Why do I need your help?

If you already know why I need your help, just scroll down to give your feedback in the section below.

Knowing what I know now, things could have been much better earlier in my life

Looking back on my life (there's been a bit of it since I'm now 78), there were innumerable times that if either I had paid more attention to the feedback I was getting from others, or I had asked for what others thought instead of being so sure about myself, or if someone had spoken up to tell me something that I didn't know and I had listened to them, then my life would have been much better then, both for me and for those around me.

What can I do to help ensure that I learn more quickly than I did before?

Yes, it's possible for me to get things right, and even to have real breakthroughs, but it's also possible for me to get things a little wrong, a lot wrong, or even terribly wrong. And, given that I am up to creating and waterproofing a set of ideas, many of them new, to help others live a better life (with, it's deeply essential that I keep doing whatever I can to double-check my premises, my logic, and the evidence both for and against what I claim to be true. It's essential I remain open to others who might be able to catch my mistakes or show me where I'm going astray or where my system or the exposition of it needs to be refined.

This is why, if you're willing, I need your help

Maybe a thought or suggestion you have will be so obvious to me that I'll make those changes immediately. With other suggestions, I may need to ask you some questions to help me understand what you may be seeing that I am not. 

Don't be "nice" to me


I am much more interested in getting at the truth, in getting at what works, than saving my "ego" by being "right." That is really true for me! I need you to be MY teacher. There are two types of things I need to learn to catch my mistakes and/or improve things.

First type: presentation

Presentation includes things like:

  • Spelling or grammar mistakes

  • Better or clearer way to explain something

  • Incomplete or incorrect links

  • Glitches or ease-of-use issues

  • Ease in finding what you're looking for

  • Ease of understanding or accepting the ideas presented

  • Enjoyability quotient in using

  • organization issues

  • overall feel and style 

Second type: content and substance

Although presentation is quite important, I will always prioritize ensuring that the content and substance of the ideas put forth are the best.

Content and substance include things like:

  • Any errors or inconsistencies in the logical integrity of what I say that you can detect.

  • Any premises that I start with that you think may be questionable. For example, one of the several premises that I start with, that I have yet to find an exception to, is that each person's #1 job in life is to take care of themselves. Yes, it still leaves open questions about the best way to do that and even in defining the "self" that is to be taken care of. If, in this case, you think you know of likely exceptions to this life guideline, I am eager to learn about what those are.

  • Any other evidence you know about that seems to contradict my confidence in the evidence that I am asserting. For example, in the NFS toolkit, I am citing a lot of evidence that argues strongly that an unprocessed, whole foods, relatively low glycemic, vegan eating program is generally the best in terms of creating and maintaining vibrant health. If in this case, you know about substantiated evidence that this is not the case, I am eager to know about that.

Sock it to me, teacher!

You make this site...

I'll get back to you soon...

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