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(January 14, 2014  10:00)

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The transcript of the above video follows

– Play –

I am play.

I am the dance and tease of the wind.

I bring the lightness and frivolity of the gods

to brighten and charm the heaviest of hearts.

I am playful about seriousness and I am serious about play.

Play is the essence and bubbling spirit

of every moment and nuance of my life.

Laughing through the tango,

horsing around in my play world,

mocking the drama of it all

is who I am and am.

– Adventure –


I am adventure.

Each moment of thought, conversation, and movement,

I explore the unexplored, I step again into the new and the unknown.

The dance of adventure and intrigue courses through my blood,

as I embrace and revel in the play-by-play repartee

between order and chaos.

– Connection –

I am connection.

I am the soul of humanity.

I know that you are there.

I feel your desire for safety

and your passion for life.

I touch your essence with my eyes.

Whether our paths cross

for a moment or a lifetime,

I feel your heart in mine.

I am awed by

my respect and admiration,

my affection and adoration,

my empathy and compassion

for you and for us.

– Innocence –

I am innocence.

The newness, the freshness of life assaults my being;

my senses come alive in the ever-roiling surge

of timeless events and happenings.

Each moment brings virgin beginnings to my life,

to my eyes, to the sensuousness of it all.

I live in expectation of the unexpected.

My eyes are awash in the glory and surprise of life after life.

– Romance –

I am romance.

I am the enchanter. I am the enchanted.

To drown in her eyes, to steal a touch of her flesh,

to create a safety where all can be dared, this is my destiny,

this is my ever-awakening desire for exquisite connection.

To bring her, to bring us again and again to that point of timeless union,

dancing, moving, back and forth,

always in the rhythm of chasing and surrender

in that ageless ritual that brings meaningless meaning,

now and forever more.

In thought, feeling, spirit, action, and affection 

intimately adoring, warmly embracing,

worshiping and revering, tenderly caressing,

while she bewitches and entrances me

with the thrill of her wild abandon,

allowing herself to be ravished to the edges

of full-body melt-down and mind-erasing pleasure,

this is who I am.

– Presence –

I am presence.

Every nuance of the world abides

in my eyes, ears, nose, and touch.

The essence of every being embraces my soul.

This moment invades me with all its shapes,

textures, colors, tones, reverberations, sensations, and flavors.

My present runneth over,

leaving space for neither the past nor the future.

I live in the timeless eternity of now,

my senses and soul filled to the brim.

This is who I am.

– Gratitude –

I am gratitude.

The present washes me in her love.

Whatever this moment brings,

I exalt in this gift of awareness

and my miracle of existence.

All those who have come before me have blessed me

with unfathomable support and opportunity.

Both the miracle of man and of God

suffuse each glorious moment.

How can I be me!? - In this world!?

In this time in history!? - With my country!?

With my parents!? - With my friends!?

Now living in Kunming, China!? - With all that is given to me!?

With my mind, body, feelings, and spirit!?

How could have I chosen anything with more magnificence

and with more possibility!?

– Bliss –

I am divine bliss.

The river of ecstasy runs through me.

Both the peace and glory of the ages reside within me.

In speechless awe, I am both the creator and the created.

My world is awash with the splashes of miracles.

– Curiosity and Discovery –

I am curiosity. I am discovery.

What was unseen, I will see.

What was unheard, I will hear.

What was unacknowledged, I will acknowledge.

I live with sight, sound, scent, touch, and mind,

brimmed with curiosity and fascination

for just around the corner.

This is who I am.

– Invention and Design –

I am invention. I am design.

What was previously packaged, I will un-package.

What was previously un-combined, I will combine.

See if you can keep up with me.

– Awakening –


We are the awakening.

Whether for only a moment or a lifetime,

we will startle us from our sleep,

stimulating us to discover that indeed we were asleep.

Wake up and join us. We have just begun.

– Silence –

I am the silence…

of the feeling behind the feeling…

the void behind the presence

I am the silence…

that gives thing to everything…

 the space behind the space beyond…

the time before the time beyond the…

Behold, I am the silence.

– Playworld –

Life is my playground.

Everything is my plaything.

Everyone is my playmate.

Everything and everyone

was and is created

just for me!

Whether tomorrow, yesterday or now,

whether thither or hither,

whether shallow or deep,

whether never or forever,

whether passing or persistent,

whether avoiding or attracting,

whether apart or together…

Come play with me,

come play with me

in our playworld of life.

– Choice –

I am the choice.

Whatever I choose, I choose.

Gratefully, I choose.

Dangerously, I choose.

Playfully, I choose.

I revel in my choosing.

I am the choice.

– Surrender –

I am surrender.

I am the serenity of acceptance.

Whatever is I am blessing.

Whatever was I am bowing.

And even for the me that resists,

I am surrendering,

loving all that was and is…

…for I am surrender.

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