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Are you a trained flea?

Have you been trained like a flea?

Are you like a flea in a jar?


There is a true story about some fleas that were put into a glass jar and covered with a lid.


Young, self-expressed fleas

The fleas began jumping very high, as young fleas are accustomed to do when they are fully expressing themselves as fleas.


Ouch! That hurt!

However, every time they jumped, they hit their heads sharply against the lid. After jumping and hitting their heads many times, the young fleas restricted their jumping so that they jumped just below the height of the lid.

Once trained, they'll never risk it again

After the fleas had learned to jump within the confines of the jar, the lid of the jar was removed. The older, "knowledgeable" fleas continued to jump, but only as high as the jar’s lid, trapping themselves forever within the confines of that boring jar, still believing that the jar had a lid.


When is the last time you tested the limits of how far you could go? Are you wiser than the fleas?

In what ways might you be like those fleas, only jumping so high, only living so much, never testing the limits of what you know to be the boundaries?


Are you questioning the limits of what you think you know?

  • What requests are you not making because you already know the answer?

  • How often are you saying "no" when you want to say "no"?

  • What are you sharing more openly than you did before to see what would happen?

  • Are you questioning your beliefs about life and survival being hard and difficult?

  • Are you questioning your beliefs about others being unfair, untrustworthy, or scary?

  • Are you questioning your beliefs that you're not good enough or there is anything you need to prove?


Beware of what you think you know that may not be so. It will shut down your life!


Think of some action you might take, some request you might make, someone you might say "no" to, something you might give up doing, or something that you might express that you’ve avoided because you already “know” the result or answer.


Would you be willing to choose courage to test the limits of your “jar”?

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