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Daily Dozen: for energy and vitality

The foundation of living with vitality for another 99+ years (that's what I'm going for)

Many factors are important in supporting an intention to live healthy for at least 99 more years. But I would be hard-pressed to say that anything was more important than the food we eat and the food we don't eat.

What's the optimal eating program?

I continue to be open to, and even seek out any evidence that may call into question what I have already discovered about eating the most nutritious diet. I've made mistakes before about what could constitute the best diet and I could be making some now. 

Until then, however, my diet is the closest to what Dr. Joel Greger recommends in his Daily Dozen chart. Eating this way has provided me with more consistent energy and a sense of feeling good. And most probably, it's a major factor in explaining the fact that I am currently, just stepping into 2022, the healthiest 77-year-old, plus or minus a few years, I personally know about.

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What will it take to organize your environment to lead you easily into the Daily Dozen every day?

Watch some of my videos to see what I have done.

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