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Cats and dogs:

why we love them

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My Smokey

What are we paying for?

In 2020 Americans spent 106 billion dollars on cats and dogs.

Chinese spent 29 billion dollars.

Colombians spent 2.4 billion dollars.

My sister-in-law in Tennessee told me she spends more on cat and dog food than on her own groceries.

Even the poorer people have to have their cats and dogs.

And it's not just money, we have to walk them, feed them, clean up their poop, wash them, and put up with them scratching things or barking too much. And we worry about them. So many costs.

But what do they give us?

They're not like children who may help around the house and possibly return the favor by taking care of us one day. Also, they don't carry on our genes into future generations.

A cat might catch some mice and a dog might scare off an intruder. But this, at most, is a pittance in comparison to all the other benefits we get from our cats and dogs.

They give us who they are in that world of timelessness that we have left behind: they bring us home

They give us the innocence of non-self-consciousness.

They accept us without blame or judgment.

They give us play and frolicking. 

They give us curiosity.

They give us undivided attention (when they do).

They show us gratitude when we do things they like.

They don't hesitate in letting us know what they don't like.

They show us what it is like to do nothing and be totally okay with it.

They show us how to be okay with anger and fear.

They show us what it's like to indulge shamelessly in silly, frivolous, and meaningless behaviors. 

They show us what it's like to live without guilt, shame, or regret.

They show us what it's like to live without worry, pressure, or stress.

They show us what it's like to be totally present and in the moment.

They show us what it's like to be selfish and to receive easily without guilt.

They show us what it's like to be generous without expectation.

They give us the freedom to be ourselves with them.

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