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March 25, 2022

Zip, zoom, zip to Colombia...

Columbian Monomania-Episode 3

Learning Spanish

Currently, I am unilingual.


Norwegian, German, Japanese, and Chinese

Yes, I know a smidgen of Norwegian. I studied at it when I was living with a Norwegian farming family for six weeks in the summer of 1964.

Yes, I know two smidgens of German, picking it up while living in various homestays in Cologne, Germany over four months in the fall of 1964.

Yes, I know 100+ words of Japanese, compliments of a former Japanese wife and living in Tokyo for a year in 2000.

And I might be able to come up with 55+ words of Chinese Mandarin garnered during my 21+ years in China.

Spanish, here I come!

I am going to become at least semi-fluent in Spanish. Two days ago I started using an app called It's cool! And it's free. Here's a screen of me showing off my first few words of Spanish.


Precrastinating on my packing

If you don't know what precrastination is, it's a must. 

Just 10 kilos of "sentimental" books I will take with me. ​


And then there are historical papers, like old letters from my mother, and other small sentimental items.


Visa empyrean

Although I already knew this, my friend Phil in Medellin reassured me about the easy access to a Colombian retirement visa.


Intra-country flights are insanely cheap

A roundtrip flight between Medellin and Bogota, an hour long, will set me back $37 according to this search with


Living in Colombia by July 1st

Assuming everything is still a go for liftoff after I do my final vetting of Colombia during my upcoming holiday there, officially settling in Colombia is going to happen faster than I thought it could.

Earlier, I believed it might be sometime in August before I was living there permanently. But, after talking with Heidi and creating a strategy, which even includes some buffer time, July 1st is a doable by-when-date. 

One nice advantage of this July-1st-moving-out-of-China date is that I won't need to negotiate the money issue with my current landlord of how much I would need to pay him for the month or two extra that I was thinking I needed past July 1st, hopefully instead of the six-months-in-advance rent that would normally be due by July 1st. I'll be breaking my lease and losing my deposit, but that has all been included in the calculations.

Start of Columbian Monomania

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