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Courage doesn't need results

It would not be courage if the results were guaranteed


The issue of results in choosing courage is entirely different whether one is looking forward, before the action and results have occurred, or whether one is looking backward after the action is taken and the results become obvious.


Courage is not foolhardiness

Before we choose courage, we must consider the probability of obtaining the desired outcome from our actions and our willingness to be okay with that risk.

If it were guaranteed that the projected action could never or rarely provide any of the desired outcomes,

then our proposed opportunity for choosing courage might be a choice of foolishness or blindness.

Courage needs the possibility of results, not guaranteed results


In considering the option of choosing courage, part of the consideration must include a weighing of the certain-to-probable-to-possible-to-unlikely costs and benefits of a particular choice. Without such consideration, the choice of courage is not a choice of courage.


Whereas, after we have chosen courage, the fact that we chose courage does not change as a result of the outcome. Courage exists independently of the outcome, regardless of the results.

Focus on courage first, results second

We mistakenly assess our behavior on whether we got results in a particular circumstance. Our primary assessment should be on whether we choose courage...that is, what we had and have access to.

Almost counterintuitively, in the big picture, the desired results we get in life will be more when we prioritize choosing courage over whether or not we got the desired results in each circumstance.


Honor yourself each time for the courage you choose, before and after you have chosen, regardless of the results.

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