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Daily Dozen: two are beans and groats

Guidelines for health: trustworthy sources

Although I'm voraciously eclectic in my search for reliable sources of knowledge to guide eating and supplement choices, if I had to select just one source as that I assess to be the most trustworthy, it would be a toss-up between Dr. Joel Greger and his (more focused on nutritious food) and the (more focused on heath-enhancing supplements).

I have studied both of Greger's comprehensive books, both How Not to Die and How Not to Diet

Dr. Greger has created a helpful checklist to support us in eating nutritiously every day. He calls this the Daily Dozen. Here's the chart. The reason you'll notice only eleven items on this checklist is that the twelfth one is exercise. 


Fast food: I love it!

Yes, some fast foods I never eat. Like popping that frozen pizza in the microwave or oven.

I love super healthy fast foods that take a minute or a few to prepare. Some of these foods and methods are featured in the short videos at food prep/recipe videos.

All it takes to get into enjoying super healthy fast foods is a bit of planning and setup. After that it's easy-peasy.

Look at these beautiful and convenient beans and groats (unprocessed grains) dispensers.



A cornucopia of health at my fingertips

On the left in my hand are two containers/dispensers for larger beans. Soybeans are on the left. A mixture of ten different beans fills the container on the right.

The free-standing, five-container dispenser stores three types of groats and two types of lentils, from left to right they are:

  • Barley groats

  • Quinoa groats

  • Red lentils

  • Brown lentils

  • Sorghum groats

Fast food beans and groats

I take a minute to dispense a mixture of all these (or any combination) into a bowl. Then another 30 seconds to cover them with drinking water. I leave them to soak for two hours or up to overnight. 

After they've soaked, it takes me two minutes to:


  • rinse off the soaked beans and groats

  • put them into a cooking pan

  • add some cooking water

  • place the pan on my induction cooker

  • set it to cook at the lowest setting (it says "120" on my cooker...that might mean 120 degrees centigrade), with the timer set for three hours.

Any time after three hours, I move the cooked beans and groats, or whatever combination I have chosen, into a large bowl that goes into the refrigerator. This takes a minute.

Fulfilling the Daily Dozen

At any time I want, I'm now ready to sit down to eat, taking a few additional minutes to combine a portion of these beans/groats with whatever other fast food healthy ingredients I might choose from.


It's a piece of cake (that I don't eat) to fulfill two of the Daily Dozen with three servings of beans and three servings of whole grains!

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