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Deep Awakening Renewal

Create quickly a “deep awakening renewal”


Use the following process to instantly dissolve fear, stress, worry, resentment, anger, depression, resignation, and so on. Use this process to create a quick, deep, and profound renewal.




  • Set aside 30 uninterrupted minutes for this process.

  • Make sure you are alone or at least have some modicum of privacy.

  • Find a comfortable place to lie on your back.

  • Place a pillow at your side.

  • Find a countdown timer or other alarm device.

  • Dim the lights or have some blinders to shade your eyes.

  • Make sure you have some tissues handy.

  • It’s helpful to have tranquil, relaxing music ready to play to bring you out of the process during the last five minutes.


The Process:

Set the timer on 25 minutes and press “start.”


Sub-process 1: the build-up


  1. Lying on your back, with your arms at your sides, make loose fists with both of your hands.

  2. Start to breathe as deeply as you can, filling up both your chest and your stomach, as you would fill two balloons.

  3. Pull each breath in as deeply as you can.

  4. Then release each breath without forcing the air out.

  5. Breathe at a rate of 20–22 breaths per minute, or one breath every three seconds.

  6. As you take each breath, open one finger of your hand, so that you’re counting the breaths as you open the fingers on your hands.

  7. When you have opened all 10 fingers, then you will have taken 10 breaths.

  8. After the first 10 breaths, make two fists again, repeating the counting process.

  9. As you continue with this process you will probably notice an increasing sense of discomfort and tension in your body.

  10. Allow the tension to build, taking no fewer than 20 breaths and no more than 50 breaths or 2–5 sets of “fist openings."


Sub-process 2: the release


  1. Discontinue the deep breathing.

  2. Take the pillow and press it tightly over your face and mouth, assuming you cannot scream out loud without concern for others.

  3. Scream as loudly as you can into the pillow!

  4. Scream at the top of your lungs!

  5. You can just scream spontaneous sounds or you can scream words.

  6. You can choose your own words.

  7. I also suggest that you experiment with screaming the words listed below to see which phrases work for you.

  8. Create your own variations.

  9. And listen to what you are saying.

  10. The listed order of these phrases is not significant.

  11. For examples with instructions in parentheses, substitute the appropriate word.


What you could scream

  • It’s time to wake up now!”

  • Wake up! Wake up!”

  • “For everything that’s worth living for, wake up! Wake up now, (your name)!”

  • “Wake up now! Live now! It’s time!

  • Not later! Not later! Now! Now! Now!”

  • “This is my life!”

  • “Wake up!”

  • “Wake up, (your name)!”

  • “It’s time to wake up!”

  • “It’s time to wake up, (your name)!”

  • “It’s time for real life, now!”

  • “You’ve been asleep long enough!”

  • “God, let me live my life fully!”

  • “This is my life!”

  • “This life is my playground!”

  • “Oh, my child within, give me your playfulness."

  • “Oh, my child within, give me your curiosity."

  • “Oh, my child within, give me your adventurous special."

  • “Oh, my child within, give me your innocence and open vulnerability to life."

  • “Oh, my child within, give me your awe of the never-ending gift of my life."

  • “Give in to love!”

  • “God, let me feel all of my love!”

  • “Give in to peace!”

  • “Wake up to the ecstasy of life!”

  • “Give in to the ecstasy of life!”

  • “Give in to the lightness of being!”

  • “God, grant me the lightness of being!”

  • “Wake up into your sensuality!”

  • “Wake up into your sexuality!”

  • “Wake up to now!”

  • “Wake up to this moment!”

  • “Wake up!”

  • “Wake up, (your name)!”

  • “Wake up now!”

  • “Wake up now, (your name)!”

  • “Celebrate now every moment of now!”

  • “Let your body wake up now!”

  • “Let your mind wake up now!”

  • “Let your spirit fly now!”

  • “Let go of every guilt!”

  • “Let go of all regret!”

  • “Let go of the past!”

  • “Wake up to life now!”

  1. Scream until you’re all screamed out, until there’s nothing more to scream.

  2. Then remove the pillow from your face.

  3. If you need to spit anything out, use a tissue.

  4. Then return to Sub-process 1 (the buildup process).

  5. Repeat Sub-Process 1 and Sub-process 2 until the timer beeps.

  6. Then start the relaxing music and allow the peace of the universe to flow through your body, mind, and spirit.

Cycle through Sub-process 1 and Sub-process 2 for 25 minutes


Try this out today and see what you notice.


Honor yourself for the courage to do this.



"The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up."

-J.M. Power


"When you bury feelings, you don’t bury them dead. You bury them alive."

-Donna Fried


"Anger is a symptom, a way of cloaking and expressing feelings too awful to experience directly: hurt, bitterness, grief and, most of all, fear."

-Joan Rivers

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