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Working in partnership with me since 1987, the overwhelming majority of the thousands of diverse people (including many from non-Western cultures) found consistent success in solving their presented problems using the techniques and approaches that you will find in AskDwightHow.


Be skeptical, but not cynical

Regardless, don’t trust me. Most of the techniques are easy and quick to test. Make your own assessment on a particular technique’s effectiveness for yourself after testing it. You cannot make a valid assessment just by “thinking about it.”

More than one factor

An unwanted condition or a wanted condition may have several contributing factors. Therefore, to remove the unwanted condition or to add the wanted condition may involve changing one or more factors.


The language/thinking modality

AskDwightHow most often recommends mental factors that are implemented through the use of language and thinking, language as it operates intra-personally among the different “parts” of ourselves as well as language as it operates inter-personally, in communication with others. Sometimes AskDwightHow steps outside the language domain to include recommendations that involve areas like nutrition, exercise, and organization.

As a user of AskDwightHow, however, I recommend that you not limit yourself to AskDwightHow. Even though the methodologies for making changes through intra-personal and inter-personal language are uncommonly powerful, the use of other methodologies (for example, the use of drugs or the use of body therapies or moving to a new city or country) should never be discounted.


Using other modalities

Most often I have found that methodologies based in the use of language and thinking can be completely effective in either removing or adding a particular behavior (actions, emotions, moods, thoughts, and attitudes are all included as types of behavior). However, sometimes (say with anxiety or depression) other modalities (such as drugs and nutrition) may be effective or necessary either in place of or in addition to the modality of language as detailed within “Ask Dwight How.”


No side effects

Regardless, one advantage that the modality of language has over many other modalities (again, like drugs) is that it rarely has costly side-effects.


Your responsibilities

Regardless of this regardless, you agree to assume full responsibility for all risks that may be associated in trying out or using any of the techniques or approaches detailed within AskDwightHow. It is also completely your responsibility to decide whether or not to use other resources (such as health or legal professionals).



All text within “Ask Dwight How” is copyrighted, according to the copyright laws of the United States of America.


Copyright © 2018-2020 Dwight GoldWinde of AskDwightHow

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