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My Life Visions

I "sing" these to music that I love, alternating each one every other day, Monday through Friday

My Life Purpose

My life purpose and life expression

is that dance of connection with others,

in a moment-by-moment and soul-to-soul tango,

inciting both ephemeral and indelible delight and intrigue,

inviting her and him into my playground of life

and into my eternity of now,

inspiring and instructing her, him and myself

with empowering presence,

facts, humor, questions, methods and stories.


Through six degrees of separation

and the spirit of possibility

I am mastering the art

of lightening the heart, mind, and spirit

of the world and everyone in the world.


I will and I am willing

to give my deepest genius,

my true endowment,

and the poetry of my very being,

with every thrust of sex and life.

My Vision for the Next 99 Years

My being, my body, my mind, my spirit are infused with the vigor, the vitality, and full life expressions for my raptured anticipation of living with enthusiasm for at least 99 more years. What adventures, discoveries, breakthroughs, and connections lie before me! What journeys and explorations I will experience as I ride the wave of mankind’s trans-humanist expansion into unfathomable unknowns and possibilities! What depth of feeling and understanding will I immerse and transverse on my odyssey into the infinite!


I bring awe, play, adventure, and connection in an ever-deepening expression of aliveness and vitality…day by day, year by year, expanding, creating, and expressing in a burgeoning spiral of unbounded passion.


Through this journey of 99-plus years I will be paragon, both for myself and for others, of passion, wisdom, creativity, insight, romance, play, adventure and come-along-with-me. I will inspire myself and others to flow with and create playful, adventurous journeys of engaging and enjoyable processes, letting go of attachments to goals and results, yet using those desires, intentions, and inspirations to provide the foundations for designing interesting, inviting, and pleasurable adventures and unfoldings.


My expressions, my contributions will flow outward, suffusing all the people of the world with a new and playful knowing of what is possible for each one of us. Stepping with the times, taking advantage of new availabilities for self-expression and creation, I will profoundly influence others to presence their dreams in the already now.


I will discover and provide breakthrough upon breakthrough in letting go of the age-old paradigms of, “No pain, no gain,” duty, and obligation and stepping into the new paradigms of, “More joys, more toys” and mutual selfishness. I will be a living example, for myself and for others, of how it’s possible to live a life of ease and play along with a life of accomplishment and full self-expression.


Come join me on our journey together forever and the next 99 years!

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