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Via Negativa

improving by removing

Let's add something

One approach to improving our lives is by adding new behaviors: an exercise routine, a new skill, eating more greens. This is an important and even essential way to enjoy a better life.


Let's remove something

Far more impactful, however, and often done with more ease, we can better our lives by removing behaviors that are interfering with our natural energy and happiness. Much of AskDwightHow takes this approach as reflected in the names of some of its most important tools: Undoing fear, Undoing worry, Undoing guilt, Undoing blame, Undoing expectations, and Undoing procrastination, to name a few.  More fundamentally, all these involve removing our resistance to what is, the foundation of almost all suffering.


By removing first, adding becomes easier

Moreover, as we engage with these undoings, these removals, adding new helpful behaviors, such as exercise, becomes less problematic.

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