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Frank Jorgensen - June 16, 2021


I have known Dwight GoldWinde for over 60 years.  For the last 20 years, Dwight has been a life coach (one of the first remote worker professions, as he has lived the last 21 years first in Japan and then in China).


Dwight has an extensive library of books that have given him a unique foundation for being a life coach.  He has also attended numerous conferences by The Landmark Forum, Tony Robbins, Byron Katie, and more.


Perhaps the most significant value is what he has learned in being a life coach to thousands of clients worldwide.  His method is very effective, and he is very consistent in how he helps his clients view and deal with their “issues.”


I am one of his clients and enjoy the interaction and the benefits that I gain as a client. Dwight has the skill to help you frame your thinking in a way that allows you to enjoy the process of working thru any challenges.


Dwight is kind, knowledgeable, witty, and fun to engage.   His book, “Courage” and his website are of great value.  He adds new content every day to his website and suggests that you get in the habit of spending only 1% of your day (14 minutes, 24 seconds) engaged with the website. 


The more specific benefit is understanding Frank-Now vs Frank-Next.  Frank-Now wants to do whatever in the immediate without worry about the future consequence (eat ice cream, watch a comedy TV show).  While Frank-Next is looking for what is good for the future  (eat vegetables now to be healthier later;  exercise now same reason).


The best outcome is to have Frank-Now and Frank-Next are fine with each other and to make sure Frank enjoys the process and journey.


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