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Brian Arbor - May 15, 2021


I'm taking a moment to thank you and acknowledge the value of our relationship.


There are a number of core concepts in your work that have made a difference for me. Probably the biggest impact has come from the idea of "process first." I'm an entrepreneur. Making sure that there's enjoyment in the doing of what needs done to fulfill on my commitments has led me to loosen up, play a little, and discover new ways to approach my day. Before working with you, I had a tendency to attack my day with as much vigor as possible until I ran out of endurance. Then I either had to muster up a second wind...or give up on the rest of the day. When I'm tired, I now ask myself - what would I ENJOY doing that could also forward my commitments? The next action becomes clear...and it's something I naturally WANT to do.


Another area where I used to struggle was talking to strangers. Working in a sales-driven industry, prospecting and speaking to strangers is an important part of my business model. I used to be so gripped by fear when stepping into a cold-call with a stranger that I stumbled over my words, laughed nervously, and after ending the phone call I could feel the blood rush into my head. The swirl of, "Oh my god, what did I say? Did that go alright? I can't believe I said/did THAT! That was so embarrassing!" and other, similar thoughts would take me away on a long trip down a dangerous road. 


I think what I appreciate most about our time together is that I now think differently than I used to. I'm more flexible. More willing to try a new and unexpected view of things. And there are tools from our conversations that present themselves when I'm feeling stuck. I'm learning to choose courage. And I'm proud of who I'm becoming.


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