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Two ways to get paid: four possible combinations

1) Enjoy the process and journey in going for something you want

2) Enjoying getting the results you want

The four possible outcome combinations

1) Didn't enjoy the process and didn't get the result (you lost twice)

2) Didn't enjoy the process and got the result (you won once)

3) Enjoyed the process and didn't get the result (you won once)

4) Enjoyed the process and got the result (you won twice)

Playing the odds

Obviously, outcome combination #4 is the best. But most of us, at least judging from most of our choices, tend to discount any focused intention on ensuring that we enjoy the process, and instead, tolerate the process in name of getting the result "efficiently."

The high risks of procrastination, distractions, discouragement, quitting, and cutting corners.

This approach, however, not only throws away the possibility of #4, but also most often diminishes our likelihood of achieving the result (or achieving a quality result). If we're not enjoying the journey, we're likely to procrastinate, get distracted, get discouraged, quit (if we start), or cut corners. In addition, collateral damage could include the quality of our relationships with others.

Putting enjoying the process first creates more likelihood of a good result

In general, if we pay attention to enjoying the process (using the NNI toolkit, if needed), it's almost always easier to find ways to enjoy the process than it is to guarantee that you will get the result. And, you're even more likely to get the result, especially given the difficulties that procrastination, distractions, discouragement, quitting, and cutting corners can inflict. 

Avoid like the plague outcome possibilities #1 and #2

If you use the NNI toolkit consistently (if needed), then you can always avoid the costly outcome combinations of #1 and #2, consistently generating either outcome combinations #3 or #4, the two best ones. These are the two best ways.

Let me tell you about how good a worst case was for me

Let me introduce you to Quilly the Poet:

This is just one of many Quilly images featured on a site that I designed and created back in 2011 called,

Almost two years of my time, with several thousands dollars invested.

I started "YourOwnPoet" in November 2011, working one to three hours a day on it in my "free time." asked the site user five simple questions about a friend, colleague, or relative and then, using that personal information, wrote a three-verse limerick for and about that person. It would re-write the poem, if you didn't like his first try. Then you had the option to print it out.

Here's an example of a poem Quilly composed, not his best nor his worst:

To Eileen

In Arizona she dwells and abides

It's there that she also resides

Assistance she gives

That's just how she lives

It's Eileen and  I'll tell you her sides

She lights up the room with her cheer

Makes dreariness soon disappear

So cheerful with folks

Such joy she evokes

Creating a great atmosphere

I send you this poem today

Please know that it's my way to play

No special occasion

And not for persuasion

Just wanted to say "hi" in this way

Projections, predictions, and expectations


Although I thought I had good reasons to believe that YourOwnPoet could be financially successful (and I was able to enroll several others in taking the risk with me), after almost two years of concerted effort and the development of an amazing site (in my eyes and the eyes of several others), the possibility of these projections and predictions did not materialize.

Enjoying the journey

During those two years, I loved the journey. I knew that I was taking a risk and I was willing the take the risk, especially since I was already being "paid" by loving the process. 

The courage to quit (and I still won)

Finally, I had to choose some courage and say, "Enough is enough." I'd continued as long as I could continue while still enjoying the journey. And while working on YourOwnPoet, I was very careful not to indulge in expectations (setting myself up where something would be wrong if I didn't get the desired results). Looking back, I remember the great times I had working on YourOwnPoet, and I feel like I won because I enjoyed the journey, even though I didn't get the end result I was going for. 

Brimming with innocence about future possibilities

Consequently, I am not gun-shy or jaded about taking on new possibilities, especially since I know that, in the "worst case," I will have still won since I enjoyed the journey.

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Getting paid twice

(the only way to play)

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