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Guidelines for being selfish and altruistic

It's hard to find exceptions to the guidelines that...

Ending a marriage that no longer serves you will also serve your spouse and even your kids, if you have any.

Showing respect to others, especially your children and family members will return value to you ten fold. 

Lying to another on those occasions when it will serve you both short-term and long-term will likely serve them also.

Listening and trying to understand others first will not only help others and make them feel good, but will most likely support you in your own interests.

Saying "no" to others and maintaining good boundaries to take care of yourself will also serve the interests of others in their relationships with you.

When considering the long-term as well as the short-term, it's almost impossible to find exceptions to the guideline that taking care of your own self interests and taking care of another's self interests will be mutually synergistic.

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