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Why good questions are much more important than good answers

A good answer is only one good answer; a good question can generate many good answers, often indefinitely.

An answer ends the game; a good question keeps the game going.

Answers can lead to arrogance and dogma; good questions lead to wisdom, compassion, and empowerment.

An answer shuts down curiosity; a good questions opens up curiosity.

A good new question is much better at correcting or improving a poor answer (belief) than is another answer.

Helpful questions to ask yourself
whenever something "bad" happens

How could I see this as an adventure?

What could be the gifts in this?

How could I make a gift out of this?
What can I be curious about here?

How could I see this in an empowering way?

How could I bring play to this?

What belief do I have about this that is upsetting? Is it true?

How could I dance with this circumstance?

What are the opportunties for action here?

Am I making friends with my fear regarding this?

How could I assume 100% responsibility in this circumstance?

What's already working here?

Am I making friends with my fear first? (undoing fear)

Toxic questions to not ask

Why did you do that? (can easily be heard as blaming,

     ask instead, "I am curious about the benefits of doing that.")

Why did this have to happen to me?

Whose fault is this?

Why is it always my responsibility?

Quoting myself...

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