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Paula Naisbitt—August 18, 2023


Dear Dwight:

After spending five months in bed, I felt guilty for seemingly doing nothing. But you highlighted that I was indeed doing something vital: allowing my body the rest and conditions necessary for healing. That realization encouraged me to truly rest, regaining confidence and gradually mobilizing myself. Your constant reminder to "focus on the journey, embrace it, and find joy in it" made me see things differently. Whenever challenges arose, I learned to ponder, "How can this be fun?"

A defining aspect of our collaboration is your adaptability. You understand exactly where I stand. You've validated feelings and actions I once berated myself for, urging me to find enjoyment in the process.


Your role-play exercises, especially the ones concerning my relationship with my brothers, were eye-opening. By stepping into their shoes while you played my part, I gained invaluable insights. My love for my brothers has only deepened, realizing they have my back.

Now, with the daily updates I share, you offer a consistent and open ear. This simple act of sharing and your reminders to find pleasure in the small things have reshaped my perspective. I've become more aware of my achievements and constantly renew my commitment to finding joy and playfulness in life.

I used to be hardest on myself regarding diet and exercise. But I decided to tune out the external advice and tune into what felt right for me, what I genuinely wanted and could commit to. As a result, I've found myself genuinely embracing healthier eating and exercise habits. I've realized it's all about progressing in the journey.

Our partnership has truly been transformative for me, Dwight!


Paula Naisbitt

Ogden, Utah and Skull Valley, Arizona

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