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Michael Buehrle - June 30, 2022

Dear Dwight:

     Over these past months I have enjoyed our dialogue week in and week out. They have become something I can count on to support me in generating empowerment in my life. No matter what my mood: Tired, Stressed, Disappointed, Happy, Sad, Resigned or Whatever, we have always ended up taking ground in an area of life that matters to me. I really appreciate your stand for bringing value to every session.

     Out of our sessions I discovered New Practices and Generated Breakthroughs that have impacted the way I live my life. I had never journaled before and discovered that daily tracking of things like my moods, rest, exercise, engagements with people, daily highlights and lowlights has given me access to pinging for what I really want in my life.  Now I am at source of choosing more of what I want and less of what I do not instead of settling for the default. Said another way, I now get more rest, have more fulfillment, and enjoy more freedom in my life.

     As a diehard workaholic I have generated breakthroughs in work/life balance and relationships that I did not think possible. Out of your sessions I have been able to see that working hard, and high performance are good aspirations, but not the point. I know conceptually that a more, better, different version of that isn’t fulfilling and submit to being stuck in a “if I just try harder, I’ll finally get there” paradigm.  Through your coaching I now have access to bringing more balance between what I want NOW with what I’m creating NEXT for my future.  I experience more peace, happiness, and fulfillment in my life because of it.

     Applying your distinction Rafts (Reluctant And Fearful To Share), and its related practices has opened up new ways for me to express myself authentically.  As an example, my life partner of 19 years and I are having conversations that were untouchable before. When using these practices, we have access to a powerful listening for each other creating a safe space to express what is authentically present for us. In this space, our usual offensive and defensive strategies melt away and as we lower our masks. Before, what seemed like difficult conversations around money, sex, intimacy, work/life balance, family, aging and others are not so difficult anymore.

    Non-drinker was never going to be me!  Over the years I had created an existence with daily alcohol use interweaved into it and no clue how to unravel “it” from my life.   Conceptually, I knew continuing to be a heavy drinker was not sustainable, and had tons of evidence to prove it, but could not stop.  So Dwight suggested 7 days, then I took on 21, then more and so on.  At the time of this letter, I’m at 160 days and still counting and my partner in life is too!   

     These are just a few highlights of what I have gotten out of our relationship. I acknowledge you for your generosity in sharing your unique genius and I acknowledge me for being willing to take the journey.

Thank you!


Michael Buehrle

Phoenix, Arizona

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