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Phil Blackmon - March 28, 2019


I have had the privilege of knowing Dwight GoldWinde for over 25 years. He has made a huge difference in my life. He has always provided excellent coaching, is very knowledgeable and is always consistently reliable. There are many things I can say about him. Below is a list of a few areas I would like to highlight about our coaching relationship that I really appreciate.

  • He always assists me at staying open to the many possibilities in my life and guides me to be effectively in action with my potential.

  • He is extremely skillful at coaching me with having empowering and great relationships in my life.

  • He has developed many very effective life distinctions that have assisted me in drastically reducing my suffering in life.

  • He always delivers on his promises and he is always available for additional support when requested.


These are just a few areas that I have been verypleased with... There are so many. Dwight has provided so
much for me in my life! He goes way above what I expect of him regarding his coaching and support. Thank you, Dwight!


-Phil Blackmon