Q&A August, 2021

How long does it take you to get over things?


Mike: Really intrigued by the Jeff 70 minutes story about leaving Yuko. I still haven't gotten over 45 years with the same woman and leaving my wife and Mormon religion.

Mike (August 5th, 2021) [a 71-year old entrepreneur, USA]

Dwight: Yes, it’s easy and natural for us to have an addiction to being the victim and making others or ourselves the bad guy.


It’s natural for us to hold onto the hope that there’s a right way that everybody should follow. 


It’s natural for us to want to avoid the sense of risk and messiness of life. 


That’s why we indulge in the expectations of how things should be and should not be. And our machinery is very attached to those expectations no matter how much suffering they incur.


Your thoughts?