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Rob Winward - May 15, 2019


I have been working with Dwight GoldWinde for several months now. I have noticed a drastic change in how I view problems and difficult situations. Before working with Dwight, there was much more suffering in my daily life and in my view of how things should be. I spent a lot of time and energy on wishing things should be different, strategizing on how to fix or change circumstances. Most importantly, I often felt
helpless and was not enjoying the process.


Dwight has been teaching me that the process is as important or even more important than the results. I have been making changes to focus on the journey and most importantly enjoying the ride. What I have
noticed for myself that when I am enjoying the process, results are a natural consequence of taking action. It is much easier to take action when l enjoy the process and am creating games or fun than when I am having to do something or cause a result. I am excited for the upcoming year and am actively creating a future that I am excited for.


Another area that I have been working with Dwight on is creating buffer. This has been an issue that keeps creeping up and biting me in the butt. I am excited to continue working on this and taking more ground. I have been surprised on how much the machinery is resistant to change.

I personally would recommend Dwight's services to any individual who is looking to have more love and affinity or joy in their day to day living.

-Rob Winward

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