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Stranger, come into my home-2021 (76)

When I am out and about

Whenever I am out and about, I always have some “personal cards” in my pocket ready to give to people that I meet on the street or wherever. This is what the current one looks like:


What the new card will say


Heidi and I are updating this card. The new one will have a similar format, including my photo. Here’s the script that Heidi is translating into Chinese:

I lead two events in Kunming each week 

You might be interested?


Hi, my name is Dwight.

I'm from the USA and I’ve lived in China since 2001. 

Some people think I’m 77 years old, but in my heart I’m a three-year-old boy. 

Sorry, I’m very lazy to learn Chinese.


Both events are held in my home in Jin Kang Yuan.

The first one is free and is called

“Strangers into Friends: an Afternoon with Dwight.”

It’s held almost every Saturday from 2pm to about 4pm.

I love meeting strangers. I’ve met over 2500 during the past five years with this event.

You could call it an intimate English corner.

You’ll ask me some questions and I’ll ask you some questions.

We’ll get to know each other. A little English is helpful.

Reservations required. Contact my social secretary Rocky Jiang.

His mobile is 151-2529-3451. His wechat ID is JIANGZI3450.


The second event is a “practical philosophy” class (with interpreter).

It’s held almost every Sunday from 2pm-5pm. The first time is free.

As a life coach since 1987, I’ve become a master philosopher.

You will be surprised that I’m able to show you

how to solve almost any problem that you may have.

To get more information or to make a reservation,

contact my personal assistant Heidi Yang at 152-8815-6157. 


Address: Apartment 506, Building #10, Jin Kang Yuan


Act now! Don’t wait! Looking forward to see you.

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