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The end and beginning


Just starting my life

It's true for me. Even though I was born in July of 1944 and most would think I'd be winding down by now (March, 2024 and counting 80 years this July), I don't feel that way. My life is just getting started.


Can you still remember that amazing sense of an open and unlimited future that you had when you were a young child? I can. That sense of awe and possibility is even stronger for me now than when I was a child. I could argue, as others might also, that I am an unrealistic pollyanna.

But even if this "assessment" of my life is because of the "colored glasses" I've learned to wear, even though it seems so real to me, I suggest that these are the most practical and realistic colored glasses one would wear.

“There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life."

-Federico Fellini

The unending and glorious path of discovery, integrity, and loving the living of your life

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