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Quizzing for Life and Fun

Knowing how to love the living of our lives does not come "easy"

If it did, there would be no need for parents, teachers, leaders, philosophers, religion, psychologists, or life coaches. We'd all just "naturally" know the best beliefs to believe, how to always have a great attitude, and our choices would be flawless. Last time I looked, that was not happening.

Your Life EQ


Take this twenty-five-question Life EQ Quiz and get an overall assessment of how much opportunity for growth and excitement lies ahead. Don't miss out on taking this'll need 3-5 minutes.

Quiz: what is your Life EQ?

Your score

If your score is above 90%, that's amazing. To the extent that your score is below 90% shows you how much room there is to easily create a more exciting and fulfilling life, especially with the insights you'll get from your gift session with me.

Share your score with me right now so I'll have it before our appointment time. You can click the link here to send an email or enter the information in the feedback form at the bottom of this page.


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