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Airport ideas for life


  1. #1 job

  2. 100% responsible

  3. happiness purpose

  4. final judge

  5. all suffering from resistance: resistance to fear; new integrity

  6. all suffering from resistance: resistance between Now and Next; new integrity

  7. all suffering from resistance: resistance between Oneself and Others; new integrity

  8. best world selfish interests work together (only four ways)

  9. glasses of gifts, play, curiosity, etc.

  10. true to self, not what others expect of me (unless matches)

  11. setting boundaries, saying no, making requests, taking off mask

  12. fun with the game of results 

  13. problems are not problems (fisherman)

  14. It's never about you; nothing to defend

  15. machinery of the mind

  16. Question what you know: toxic words (should), cognitive biases, beliefs

  17. Vegan; longevity

  18. process first, results second

  19. mobile alarm to remind

  20. expectations

  21. respect show to self and others

  22. Listening 

  23. sleep

  24. step by step (Inch by inch)

  25. Leave home (leave the HOGAB, letting go of victimhood and blame), assessment vs judgement

  26. Cost, benefits, risks, possibilities, me, others, long-term, short-term

  27. men and women

  28. children and adults/parents

  29. Re-owning the child (Peter Pan)

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