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Assessment (cf. Judgment)

This is the act of making a distinction about what something is or isn’t. If you say, “I can pour this water from this beaker into this glass,” you are pointing out the distinctions of “water,” “beaker,” “glass,” “pouring,” and your ability to use your body to pour water from the beaker into the glass. In making an assessment, you can make the statement like, “If you want x, then doing y will get that for you,” but you are not saying that doing x or y are good things or that you should do x so you can get y, since the words “good” and “should” in this context are fuzzy words and thereby make the seeming assessment ungrounded and therefore judgmental. In making an assessment, you can talk about benefits, costs, possibilities, and risks—for whom and whether short- or long-term or both. These can be grounded.

See also Judgment, Undoing shoulds: assessments, BeCoPoRiNNOO.

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