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Beware the Examples

The examples will lead you astray

You'll find I share many stories and life examples about others, but more commonly about myself, in AskDwightHow.

I do this to better explain one or more underlying principles that the stories/examples are expressions of.

But you're distracted from focusing on the principles

You may find yourself thinking, "That circumstance doesn't fit my life. I'm not like that person or like Dwight."  Or, if you're Chinese or from another cultural or religious perspective, you might think, "That wouldn't work here in China" or "That's not the way we Christians behave." Or you might even think, "Dwight's such a showoff. He's narcissistic."

If you do have thoughts like these and you give them much weight, you'll miss the value that could be here for you. Pay attention to the principle(s) that the examples only dramatize, either the ones I intended or ones you discover on your own.

The details/stories can be enjoyable and sometimes useful by itself

Enjoy the details and stories. Some of it may or may not be useful to your life or may stimulate you to think of something else that's useful. Most of the time, you'll get the most value by focusing on the principle(s) and how you may (or may not) apply them in your life.

I'm strange

I'm a strange guy. I can appear rather "normal" at times. As far as I can tell, I am a human, regardless of the fact that my first wife commented rather often, "You really do seem like you're from another planet." If you don't think I'm the strangest guy you know, you just don't know we well enough yet.


Consequently, it's extra important you look for the principle(s), not put your primary focus on the details/stories or on me as any sort of person you'd want to emulate. 

AskDwightHow is all about your life.

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