Here's how to easily translate this website

into any one of these languages:

Can you read this language?


Können Sie diese Sprache lesen?

Pouvez-vous lire cette langue?

¿Puedes leer este lenguaje?

Sabe ler esta língua?

Você consegue ler este idioma?

Riesci a leggere questa lingua?

Kun je deze taal lezen?

Umiesz czytać w tym języku?

Ты умеешь читать на этом языке?


A simple, one-time setup

Download and install the free DEEPL app from

You will be prompted to allow DEEPL privileged access to your computer. Keep DEEPL open on your computer. Type a few words in English in the source box and then set the target language (from the options above). The translation of the English words will appear automatically in the target box. From this point forward, unless you change it, any English input will be translated into this target language.

Quick and easy translation 

When you want to translate a paragraph from this website into that language, select the paragraph (or set of sentences). Then enter CMD-c-c, like you're going to copy it, but you enter the "c" twice. The selected material will appear instantly in the source box of the DEEPL app and the translation into your target language will appear almost immediately below the English text.

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