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Don't you dare celebrate that results!

"You've got to be kidding!" I can hear you thinking

You've worked hard to receive that promotion.

It's been tough, but you're still married after 30 years.

You pushed yourself and made the deadline on the big project.

You studied hard for four years, made decent grades, and now that's behind you.

You finally got the mortgage paid off.

You delayed on getting your taxes filed, but you made it within the deadline.

It was tough raising the kids, but they're now out of the house and doing pretty well.

You pulled another rabbit out of the hat and your business is still afloat.

"Of course, we should celebrate these things, right?!"


By celebrating the result when you've accomplished it at the expense of enjoying the process is tantamount to celebrating your lack of Now-Next Integrity and even a lack of Oneself-Others Integrity too.

Celebrating results like these is like celebrating that you won an argument or fight with someone when you shouldn't have gotten into the scuffle to start with.

Not only that, but it could also be celebrating the fact that we have again fallen for the resulting fallacy. “Resulting” is a logical fallacy where we evaluate the quality of our decisions based on the outcome they achieve. In other words: If we got the result we wanted, we assume it must be because we did something right. If we didn't get the result we wanted, we assume it must be because we did something wrong.

Let's celebrate the fact that we successfully created or implemented integrity 

Remember, results are secondary. We like them. They are nice. But when we prioritize them over having great processes that maximize Now-Next and Oneself-Others integrity, we end up celebrating the perpetuation of a toxic habit and the Old Ethics of Sacrifice.


Let's celebrate having good integrity habits in place and creating even better ones. Let's celebrate whenever we choose courage, regardless of any specific desired results that came out of that choice of courage. Let's celebrate putting process first!

Beware of celebrating results and accomplishments

If you do make note of your accomplishments, ensure that you're focusing first on celebrating the Now-Next and Oneself-Others integrity that contributed to those results. And don't forget to acknowledge whatever courage you chose!

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