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A foodie day for Dwight

But there's some non-food stuff too!

Yes, many of these videos are about food and supplements. But I wanted to share other parts of my day with you also. The short videos throughout my day are presented to you one-by-one, in rough chronological order, each with a bit of explanation. If you want to see them all together without interruption or explanation, you can find that video last.

Jumpy videos

Because I am using video glasses and I have not yet learned to focus on keeping my head steady when using them, these videos will be a bit jumpy. Hope you can enjoy them anyway!


Also, I haven't yet trained myself to move my head lower (or raise my hands up) so that you can more easily see what I am talking about. Regardless, I think you can still get a good idea of what I am doing.

Logging my day and setting up the FUNDAS

This video shows how I log the actions items of my day using Google sheets, along setting up and explaining my 40 FUNDAS (fundamental agreements for the day).

The final FUNDAS

I had a few more FUNDAS I wanted to share with you.

Supplements #1: green tea, food yeast, a garlic clove...

Supplements #2: spirulina, maca, kale, broccoli...

Creating my stupendous smoothie for the day.

Black rice (purple rice, forbidden rice, emperor's rice): a health treasure with a high ANDI score

Black rice has a higher Aggregate Nutrient Density Index that any other whole grain.

It rains in my home

Every time it rains, I don't need to go outside to enjoy it. I can enjoy it from the comfort of my home.

The underrated waterpik

I used a basin-style waterpik for decades. Now that I use the rechargeable type, I will never go back.

The one-minute workout (20-seconds, three times per day)

Studies show that three minutes of super-intense exercise per week provide the same level of fitness as the obsolete advice of getting 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week.

Showing off my tracking webcam to my friend in Shanghai

Surprise health treats from Iherb in the USA

My Instant Pot loves black rice

Black rice waits patiently in my refrigerator as I eat two-three servings per day

My Instant Pot makes three servings of beans a day a piece of bean cake

A snappy black rice snack

Now I know why the videographer must hold the camera steady

I just had a few more FUNDAS I wanted to share with you.

The final FUNDAS

I just had a few more FUNDAS I wanted to share with you.

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