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Help me speak your language

Do you know you're in the Tower of Babel?

My friend put me on hold and said, "I'll be back in 30 seconds." When he finally returned two minutes and 12 seconds later without any comment about taking more than 30 seconds, I said to him with a hint of humor, "I'm glad you're back. But I'm beginning to realize that I may need to adjust my timer to match yours. You said you'd be back in 30 seconds and according to my timer, it was two minutes and 12 seconds. Maybe we don't speak the same time language. Do you have any ideas about this?"

Although I will not update all the previous essays on this site with this new expression of "Holy moly and jeepers weepers," I intend to use it from today whenever I am referencing the Undoing fear process. As far as you're concerned, just consider it another intro that you can select from when you're making friends with your fear, hopefully several times a day. 

Listen to my "Holy moly...."

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