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How do you use and abuse time?

In the time before time...


Before the beginning was the time before time.


And in this time before time, in this world of timeless change, everything flowed ever new and fresh.

There was no past to regret or justify; there was no future to fear or anticipate. There was no waiting and no postponing: only the glorious and incomparable new and now.


Time spoke to us...

In this time before time, only the now spoke to us in words of brilliant sight, instant sound, and spontaneous expression. The past was unborn. The future was undiscovered. Everything lived in this timeless and eternal now.

No waiting, no wasting, no guilt, regret, or worries...

In this time before time we were never waiting for things to get better, we were never wasting a single moment of our lives, we had no guilt, no regret, no worries, no wishing we had a different life.


The time after time...

But after the beginning came the time after time. The past arose in our wake. The future appeared at our bow.


The power of time...

We began to discover the power of time, the power to imagine, to direct, to control, to predict, the power to become unique and distinct.


We relished this power of time, grasping more and more of it each day living more and more in the house of time, living more and more in the house of language, the keeper and creator of time.


Using and abusing time...

Yet, as we began to use time, we also began to abuse time. We began to abuse time by waiting for it to move into the past. We began to abuse time by hoping for a better future. We began to abuse time by using it to resist what is now.


The fear of what is...

Time became our great guardian, protecting us from being present to the way it is right now, protecting us from the fear that this is it.


Can there be another time of both time before time and time after time?

Before the beginning was the time before time. And then after the beginning came the time after time.


Can there be another time? A time of the timeless and time together? A time of exquisite paradox and wonder?


A time when time paints itself again and again upon the tapestry of the timeless while dancing and playing into the time of your future? A timeless now of unspeakable and eternal bliss while questing inside the games of winning and losing as you put dents in the universe? Both loving what is and you delight in playing the games of what could be?


Living inside these questions...


I invite you to live inside these questions. I invite your moment-by-moment vigilance of the timeless and eternal now, as you concurrently choose the courage and initiative to re-invent and play the games that you love in carving out your future.


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