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Jackie Pan - March 1, 2020

I have always been grateful of having Dwight as my lifetime friend and coach. We have known each other for 15 years, and he is not only my personal couch but also a coach of my coaching career and my partner's coach.


What I am really impressed is when I was challenged with my marriage crisis last year, he has been such a
great savior for my relationship with Kevin (my partner), but also an enlightening friend to remind me of focusing on the desired life I want.


Despite the unquestionable professionalisms in coaching skills and experiences, Dwight impressed me most with his openness, which always leads to creativity, energy and empowerment. He is anything
but conventional. He is open to the idea of coaching me and Kevin both at the same time. He is open to any of my thoughts without judgement. He is open to discuss and explore about all possibilities that may occur in life. He can always help me to remove the barriers in my mind and bring in new possibility.
I have benefited so much from Dwight's coaching and hope you also have an open heart to try this special gift in new year.

Best wishes!
-Jackie PAN

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