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Mike Akagi - November 20, 2020


Over the past several months your mentoring has enabled me to bring about significant transformations in just about every part of my life. This has made a significant impact and difference in my working life and in my personal relationships


Since “fear” seems to directly or indirectly control our thoughts and thus our lives… your mentoring using your book and personal experiences have given me perspective and insights that allow me to free up my life. Where I have been really “stuck”, I find myself with a new born freedom to “be”.


Accountability seems to be a magic tool that forces us willingly to “return and report” and get seemingly impossible possibilities to show up in our lives. So thank you for helping me be responsible (accountable)  for those things that really matter and having my life “show up”, rather amazingly through being accountable.


Lots more to say, but in a nutshell, Your mentorship has gotten me back on my feet and back in the “game of life” following some rather formidable circumstances. These include having my business literally taken down by COVID-19 and my life-threatening bicycle accident and recovery in April.


Mahalo Dwight

You are one of my “saviors on Mt Zion”


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