New Sitings

Why "New Sitings"?

Occasionally, I will come up with a change or addition to the nomenclature I'm using in AskDwightHow to more effectively capture and communicate the distinctions that are helpful for all of us in creating and maintaining a life that we love the living of.

Or, I will think of a new category to add to more senior level of this site's hierarchy. A recent example of this is Books that have made me

Another type of posting on this link might inform you of a decision about this site that would involve making changes to some or many links already created. And it will take time before all or most of these former links are updated.

A final type of posting that will appear here is something that I think important to share with you about the overall status, design, philosophy, or methodology of AskDwightHow that you may not already be aware of.

I don't anticipate "New Sitings" to be updated often. However, whenever it is, you will be informed of it in What's New.

A new siting

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My context for the ongoing creation of AskDwightHow