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The purpose of


Life Fundamentals

You know how people have difficulties

in their relationships with others,

you know how people often feel conflicted within themselves,

you know how people are not fulfilled

in their jobs or careers...

AskDwightHow fixes these problems,

training you to be both deeply excited about

and profoundly in love with

the moment-by-moment

and day-by-day journey of your life, enchanted with your life

as an extraordinary work of art.  

Learn how easy it is.

To say more, our purpose is...

…for you to savor the moment-by-moment

gift of your aliveness,

naturally and easily expressing

the adventure and the joy that your life is.


…for you to live inside

the possibility

of deep connection and intimacy

not only with yourself,

but also with everyone of your choosing.


…for you to design and play

your life

as a work of art

that inspires and calls you forth

into the adventure

of ultimate specialness,

 not only of this moment

but also of your compelling future.


…for you to dance with God

and the universe in feeling

the deliciousness

of your power, pleasure, and playfulness,

expressing yourself

in your connection with others

and in the accomplishments of your heart’s desire.

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