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Red Light Therapy

It's part of my life

The above book, which cites hundreds of studies revealing the benefits of red light therapy, convinced me to invest some money and some time into a daily routine, Monday-Friday in order to reap those benefits for myself. This book also provided what appeared to be unbiased reviews of various red light therapy units. Here's the unit I decided upon and had it reshipped to me in Kunming, China.

I probably do a bit less than is recommended. In the early morning, I "sun" myself naked, standing up (see video below), three minutes on the front and three minutes on the back. I combine it with two other activities to make it more beneficial and enjoyable (both Dwight-Now and Dwight-Next like that!). 

I am standing on my whole-body-vibration machine, which "gently" exercises almost every muscle in my body. Also, I have some energetic music playing and, looking into the mirror (when I am applying red light to my front side), I jiggle around and "sing" to the music. 

In the afternoon, I get another "dose" of red light therapy. This time I'm dressed and sitting down and it mainly affects my facial area. My feet are resting on the whole-body-vibration machine so I'm getting some exercise in the lower part of my body. Concurrently, I am eating/drinking my green vegetable smoothie that my housekeeper has blended for me. All this together takes six minutes.

If you're serious about your health and longevity, I suggest you check out red light therapy. Prevention and rejuvenation is a thousand times better than ending up "falling over the cliff" and relying on doctors and hospitals to try to repair the damage that's been done.

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