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How to score your Courage EQ test

Use this method to calculate your score only if, for whatever reason, it cannot be calculated for you when taking the Courage EQ test.

  • If you answered just ten questions, count all the "b" answers and multiply by 10 to get your score.

  • If you answered twenty-five questions, count all the "b" answers and multiply by 4 to get your score.

  • If you answered all fifty questions, count all the "b" answers and multiply by 2 to get your score.

After you've gotten your score, you can check one interpretation of it below (created and composed by Trish Coffey: see Acknowledgments).



Congratulations! You're obviously a person who's in love with your life and the living of it! You love risk, you make friends with your fear, and you tend to figure the odds quite accurately. People tend to see you as living a charmed life and are often a bit jealous. Life is a zest filled adventurous game. Problems and challenges just make the journey more interesting! Choosing courage is mostly second nature to you and you're always open to how to fine-tune the game of life.



Bravo! You have already powerfully created a life you love to live. Your intuition serves you well. Your peers admire you, envy you and wonder how you do it. The choices of courage in those last recalcitrant sectors of your life will at least double your excitement and fulfillment.



My compliments! Many people express admiration for your way of living, but you are aware of the cracks in your confidence that let self doubt creep in. Some parts of life feel easy and others you prefer to delegate or avoid looking at, because they seem hard. Consider the possibility that a life beyond your dreams could be just around the corner as you learn to embrace your fears and choose courage in the areas that have eluded your resolve in the past.



Nice going! So much courage dared and so much courage left to explore and choose and reap the benefits of. You've chosen courage enough that you're like a stallion in a corral with your head over the rail gazing hungrily at the hills as your flared nostrils tantalize you with the scents of freedom. Consider the possibility that your release will be realized with choices of courage.



You are happier with your life than many of your peers. But when you look up the ladder, you wonder how some others are living more zestfully than you? Life is not as much fun as you thought it would be when you grew up and you notice that people several rungs above you seem playful as though life is just one big game. Sometimes envy wells up. Consider the possibility that adding choices of courage to more of your life domains will let you step from purgatory into wonderland!



Sometimes it seems like your running just to stay even and then it gets worse! Your options seem limited or uninviting. If you could just find a safe holding pattern, you'd be content. Consider the possibility that focus on safety is the problem and the path to freedom and ease can only be accessed through choices of courage. When you declare "Boy am I scared" and play with your fears and acknowledge yourself for all courageous acts, magic happens.



There was a time when adulthood looked like such a splendid adventure and now it just feels like never ending work, responsibility and bills. Every once in a while you binge on some fun but it takes the form of escape more than the joyous adventures of childhood. What ever happened? Consider the possibility that choices of courage will open the door to a vitality you thought was lost to you forever.



Life seems like a marathon scramble. There do not seem to be any choices open to you that would free you from this odious rat race. Resignation and cynicism have poisoned the dreams you once cherished. The operative phrase above is "open to you!" Toy with the possibility that these (it's not clear here what the word these refers to. And I like the thought that you wish to interject here) you are resisted fears that could be played with. Tinker with the notion that there are courageous choices that could be embraced. Let in the idea that choices of courage are your ticket to freedom.



Life seems like a crap shoot that you came out on the wrong end of. The world is a frightening place. Even hope is scarce and must be mistrusted! Consider the possibility that there is another way of living that you are programmed to screen out! Consider the possibility that life has a soft side, a warm benevolent side, a playful side, a belonging side, a rewardingly intimate side, a romantic side, a team connection side, a productive side and an ease of being side. Consider the possibility that you have almost no awareness of this, not because it's not there, but because of the interpretations you developed to make the world seem safer when you were a youngster. I invite you to explore the options of courageous choices and possibility thinking. It's through choices of courage that you can discover the doors to confidence, self-esteem, and the joy of being alive. The upside for you in doing this work is beyond your current comprehension. 



Earth is a frightening place! You want escape. Anybody who says it's not is a character to be wary of. There is a motor mouth voice on your shoulder who's mantra keeps you always mindful of the dangers, evils, can't dos, etc. and sometimes you wish it would just shut up and leave you alone. Options to get ahead seem nonexistent and you feel hopeless. Consider the possibility that choices of courage in nearly every domain of your life can release you from a hell that you believe is just the way it is. They will open the doors to the presence of love, joy, play, zest, accomplishment, connection, satisfaction, and ease!

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