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The Fisherman meets St. Peter


You've got to hear this story about St. Peter and John the fisherman.

John's hobby was fly fishing. He lived for it, always looking for a break from his work or other responsibilities to drive up to one of his favorite streams to cast his rod into the stream to see what he could catch.

Then John died. 

St. Peter met him. "Have I got something to show you!"

St. Peter lead John to an idyllic rushing stream where John was surprised to see a few fish jumping into the air to catch flying insects. 

"Here's all you're going to need to begin your fishing."

John took the fly-fishing rod from St. Peter. He also noticed some waders, wading boots, a fishing net, and everything else he needed, organized neatly near the edge of the flowing water.

Eager to get started, John cast the fly over the stream and into the water. Within seconds he felt the tug on his line. He reeled in a fish which was likely the most beautiful specimen he had ever caught. Quickly he cast the fly across the water again. This time a fish jumped out of the water to swallow the bait! A third time confirmed that this was the best fishing experience he'd ever had. "Oh, thank God," he exclaimed, "This is pure heaven!"

"I'm going to leave you to it. If you need anything, just holler. I'll come a-running," St. Peter said.

John caught fish one after another, each one almost begging him to fish faster. After two hours, John called out to Peter, who appeared instantly. 

"Something's wrong here. It's not fun anymore. I thought that heaven was supposed to be a happy place."

St. Peter replied with a malicious grin, "Who told you that you were in heaven?"

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