The nine fundamentals 


1) Fear as your friend and courage as your #1 virtue

    Start here: Choosing Courage Consistently

                        What is Courage

2) Creating Now-Next integrity

    Start here: Now-Next integrity

                       The Now-Next story

3) Creating Oneself-Others integrity

    Start here: Oneself-Others integrity

                       The Oneself-Others story

4) Undoing shoulds and should nots

    Start here: Undoing shoulds: before Adam, Eve, and the Apple

5) Habitualizing the glasses that you wear

    Start here: Interpretations, glasses, and beliefs

6) Children as your most fundamental teachers

    Start here: Kids and cats: our gigantic gurus

7) Cleaning up your language and thoughts: toxic words and cognitive biases  

    Start here: Toxic Words

                       Cognitive Biases

8) Risk and safety: the keys to great romantic relationships

    Start here: The romance toolkit

9) Adults and children: easy and great relationships

    Start here: The adult-child toolkit

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