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Tracy Chen - June 26, 2021


I have known Dwight for about twelve years. Knowing Dwight is the most beautiful and meaningful thing in my life.   

Dwight is a magician. His willing support and knowledge always bring me a peaceful heart. Every time I feel upset, Dwight’s coaching inspired me a lot. Things become easier after talking with him. His emails and 14:24 group are so much helpful, a great way to strengthen my English.  

I’ve benefited a lot for my life and my work from Dwight’s coaching. With the help from Dwight, I constantly learn more about myself, and learn new approaches that can be used for my life. I changed my attitude in my life. I am no longer complain. I am become positive and self-confident. I’m doing great on time arrangement. I’m doing better on setting boundaries.

I’m so lucky to have Dwight in my life. 


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