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Your dance betwixt the limited and the limitless

The limitless

From your palette for your paintings

From your games more galore

From dancing in your dialogues

Your buffets are bursting

With options more and more.

Creating and expressing

Your life your work of art

Is yours for just the choosing

But by default

You'll be abusing.

The limited

Your buffets are limitless

But your plate's one sixty-eight

(hours per week, that is)

One sixty-eight each week

Whether pauper or a sheikh.

Too busy or too empty?

Making it too busy

It's too tiring to your eye

Making it too empty

You're waiting just to die.

Your work of art

If your life it copies others

it never will fulfill

It is your one and only

Your drama never phony

Let's see your grand playbill!

Creating from the top

Creating from below

Don't let your life default

This life that is your show.

It's all here just for you

For you to now imbue

With your special spirit

To always now renew.

The facts

Just two solid facts

You always keep intact

From this your life design

Will be the most divine.

The first fact so clear

Give me your best ear

That's one sixty-eight

That's the size of all your plates.

The second fact to show

With freedom you can rove

So opulent your options

To choose just from the top ones.

You are the player

You are the player

With all buffets galore

You are the player

With this and with no more.

It's always been your canvas

That fact 168

That simple solid truth

That never will abate.

Remember this for always

It always is your life

Just these two facts to be with

Then you'll always have no strife.

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