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Benefits of time buffers (eight of them!)

Many of us do fantasy planning

We schedule our day, often over-promising on individual tasks and activities, but also not allowing extra time for the unknown. Consequently, at the end of the day, we feel disappointed and what we actually did has little resemblance to our original plan.

One important step in not only feeling more satisfied, both during the day and at the end of the day, but also in having our results for our day more closely match the plan we made, is to consistently schedule in "time buffers." 

How much time buffer?

It might be as little as 30-45 minutes or you may need an hour or three on some days. You may have to experiment for a while to fine-tune your time-buffer needs.

The eight benefits of time buffers

Note: there are many important types of buffer; buffer time just one of these types.

  1. Even with under promising on your tasks and activities, you still might need more time with some of them. With time buffers, that's often "no worries."

  2. It would be onerous and inefficient or even impossible to try to anticipate time for everything, like time to go the toilet or taking five minutes to take an unscheduled call from a friend. With time buffers, that's often "no worries."

  3. Unexpected emergencies may arise during the day. With time buffers, these can often be handled without significantly impacting your plans for the day.

  4. Unexpected opportunities may arise during the day. With time buffers, you'll often be able to cash in on these opportunities without significantly impacting your plans for the day.

  5. Knowing you've "got plenty of time" you'll be able to provide the maximum focus for giving a task or activity its due. 

  6. You'll be able to be more present and attentive with any people that you are working with. Others are more likely to enjoy working and collaborating with you, especially since you're going to be better at fulfilling your agreements with them. You're going to have a better reputation with others (and yourself).

  7. You'll have enough time so it'll be more likely that your Now can thoroughly get into enjoying the processes of your daily tasks and activities.

  8. You'll be able to say to others that, instead of being busy, you're leisurely busy, creating a journey of life that you love and, at the same time, getting just as much if not more done.

Adequate time buffers are one essential for creating Now-Next Integrity.

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