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April 2, 2022

On pins and needles

Columbian Monomania-Episode 5

My friend Snippet, who works for, and I thought we figured out another way to get to Taipei

It's costing me about $500 more. We needed to find a way to bypass Shanghai where it seems that everything is being canceled because of the covid lockdowns there.

We asked the question, "Which cities inside China, besides Shanghai, have direct flights to Taipei?" Two good candidates we found are Beijing and Xiamen. I picked Beijing, flying there on April 5th and staying in a hotel to take an early morning flight direct to Taipei on April 6th. I booked two new tickets and I canceled my other flight from Shanghai to Taipei, incurring a cancellation fee.

I just discovered that my new flight to Beijing was canceled


Okay, let me book another flight to Beijing

I've got my fingers crossed that this one will stick, although I suspect that crossed fingers will not make any difference about whether there is another cancellation. It leaves at 14:00 instead of 15:15. It cost a few dollars more than the one that was just canceled shown above, which I got a full refund on.

A big mess with my QR health code

Heidi was trying to get my new passport number updated on my wechat account, which is used to show the health code that I need on my travels. She's good but was unable to successfully change my passport number associated with my wechat account. That probably will not cause a problem because I have the documentation to show my old passport and the new one. But then, after trying to do all that, she found my wechat will not display the health code at all anymore. 

I don't like to ask Heidi to work on the weekend, but she's agreed to come in at 9:50 AM today to figure out how to address this mess. I asked my friend Rocky about the problem and he had an idea which he texted to Heidi. I am pretty confident we'll figure it out in time. We still have four days until I fly to Beijing.

Supplements for eight weeks

I take about 37 different supplements (ground flaxseed, spirulina, food yeast, magnesium, olive leaf extract, vitamin K2, as examples) five days a week. They make a difference for me in my health and energy. Including two-three weeks of quarantine in Shanghai when I return from Colombia, I may be gone from Kunming for as much as eight weeks. My assistant Holly is putting the supplements into packets, 40 sets of them, for me to easily manage and take during my holiday and quarantine.


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