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Dan Haygeman - April 21, 2017

Working with Dwight Goldwinde produced three significant differences for me:


First, he kept his promise to support me to start a professional practice of coaching that I could do from home rather than travel away from my wife and family to earn my livelihood. While the 'traveling to coach' lifestyle paid me extremely well, I was often exhausted and remorseful both of events I'd missed back at home and time together with my family that I couldn't make up for over the phone eight time zones away.

Secondly, Dwight taught me how to sell my own coaching work, rather than relying on someone else to close the sales so that I could do the work. This was, and continues to be, one of the most challenging aspects of my professional life. Nonetheless, Dwight is always there with a perspective that supports moving ahead through fear and difficulty.

Finally, Dwight repeatedly showed me the delights of prioritizing having fun over being cool. Though I'd like to claim I have fully embodied this strategy, I will probably be learning it for some time to come.
I am happy to recommend Dwight, and have referred some of my key contacts to his coaching practice. In each instance the person I referred acknowledged taking value from the session.


-Dan Haygeman

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